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Hello and welcome to Blackout Roman Blinds!

This is a home choose blinds site, designed to help and guide you into making your home your haven. Our aim is to provide you with our top tips and advice on creating a home that you love. On this site, we want to show you how you can create your ideal living environment, and how a blackout roman blind can be an excellent choice when helping you to do so.

Is a roman blackout blind the best style of blind for me and my home?

Roman Blackout blinds are perfect for rooms that require extra privacy or maximum control of natural light and street light.

The Benefits of Roman Blackout Blinds in the Home

Let's take a look at two of the most frequently used rooms in the home: the bedroom and the bathroom. Both are places in our home we go to relax and unwind, but with the hustle and bustle of modern life, we don’t tend to use these rooms soley for the purpose of relaxation. The living room is also a place for social gatherings and entertainment, while we can spend hours of our time in our bedrooms using electronics such as laptops and TVs. We want to show you how you can keep each room as the multi functional space you need, but transform it into a space of relaxation and tranquillity when required, and how a blackout roman blind can be a really beneficial tool in doing so.

Roman Blackout Blinds in The Living Room

The living room isn’t called that for nothing, it’s bar far the most multi functional space of the home, most of us use it first and foremost for friend and family gatherings, but we also use it for parties, eating and drinking and even exercising. When a room is used for so many recreational activities it can also make it seem less relaxing, but with a few alterations, it’s easy to transform your living room into your relaxation room, and still keep it as a multi functional space.

Roman Blackout Blinds in The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the perfect place for relaxation before bed. Trying to unwind in a lively environment won’t work, but yet we still continue to watch TV, use electronics and even continue working in our bedrooms, these bad habits can hinder the relaxation process, and allow your brain to associate your bedroom with activity time rather than quiet time. Despite what you may think, it’s easy to turn your bedroom into that sophisticated relaxation spot you desire.

Tip No.1 – Turn Off Those Electronics

Our modern indoor lifestyles can make it difficult for our brains to recognise certain light cues throughout the day. For example the blue light of day helps keep us awake and alert, while the soft warm glow of the evening sunset gives us signals that it’s time to get sleepy. However many of our modern electronic devices emit a blue light, which we use well after natural sunset, this can make it harder for us to unwind at the end of the day, and prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. To prevent this from becoming an issue try to turn off your electronics a few hours before bedtime, or failing that adjust the settings on your screens to dim the level of blue light, there are also many apps available that can do this for you.

Tip No.2 – Choose Calming Colours

If you want to make your environment as relaxing as possible choose to surround yourself with colours that personally create feelings of calm and serenity. Our roman blackout blinds come in a huge selection of colours, including perfectly peaceful blues and greens, calming sunset oranges and pinks and simple serene creams and whites. Choosing a blackout blind is a great way to add colour and function to you living space, enabling you to control the amount of light you allow in, perfect for summer nights when natural light is present for longer. Below we have selected some of our favourite roman blinds in calm inducing colours.

Blue Roman Blinds

Pink and Orange Roman Blinds

Cream Roman Blinds

Tip No.3 - Take Control of Light

As we mentioned above, the light we’re exposed to throughout the day ques different signals in the brain. Turning off electronics that emit blue light is one thing, but to fully customise your environment using light there’s a lot more you can do, including many budget friendly options. Installing a dimmer switch is a great way to keep your space multi functional, allowing for a practical light option when throughout the day, and the perfect light setting to unwind at night. Another great way to take control of the light is by adding a Roman blackout blind to your living or bedroom. Roman Blackout blinds will almost completely shut out unwanted street light and daylight, allowing you to take full control of the light options inside your home, and create the perfect atmosphere for your mood. Blackout blinds can be layered with curtains too, giving you even more light control options to play with.
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